Everyone is aware of the fact that the French live longer
and feel better because they regularly take small amounts of
red wine. Considering the difficulty to get good quality red
wine every day there should be some easier and much more
accessible means to extend our lives and keep the health
stable - Resveratrol!

It is found in the skin of red grapes and is a
constituent of red wine. In fact, usually only one
to three mg Resveratrol per liter of red wine is
currently found even in the most robust wines. It
all started with the "French Paradox" study on
longevity and resulted in what could possibly be
the link to anti-aging and curing many diseases.


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to the biggest century discovery

Being currently a topic of numerous animal and
studies into its effects resveratrol recently became
one of the biggest scientific health breakthroughs.

It was first discovered in the 1940's in a variety of
Japanese and Chinese roots which were dried and
used for medicinal purposes and cured various
skin problems. Later, in 976 Resveratrol was found
in the skin and seeds of grapes and numerous
researches started. The discovery of resveratrol
and the benefits for us are truly exciting.

The largest study called "The French Paradox" on
longevity discovered numerous other effects of
resveratrol such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory,
blood-sugar-lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular
properties. These studies are massive and when studying
longevity you need to go many years out to get accurate
results. But it is known for sure that Resveratrol can be
the most important discovery of this century!

What Are Health Benefits of Resveratrol?

It was proved by expert that Resveratrol helps significantly to extend our lifespan, prevents most types of cancer, normalizes blood pressure, assists in weight reduction and has many other essential benefits. Known to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, to inhibit platelet aggregation and counter insulin resistance Resveratrol is so important for health improvement. It also may protect the brain and kidneys against oxidative stress and high blood cholesterol.

Researchers say that Resveratrol is healthy for both men and women of any ages. The supplements which contain it reduce liver diseases, breast health in women, improve prostate health and a more regular urine flow in men, increase levels of energy and better muscle health in both sexes.

Lose weight.

Low Resveratrol doses provide the same effect
as that of a calorie-reduced diet. The result is
your slim body and excellent health condition
together with appetite reducing and enough
energy for active life style.


With Resveratrol you look and feel
younger, live longer - that's what makes
you happy! All body processes
improvement raises your general physical
and emotional condition.

Boost your energy.

Being a perfect means to increase your
stamina Resveratrol will give you a safe and
natural extra energy boost without harsh
stimulants and help to athletically perform

Anti-inflammatory properties.

It is an effective artery protector, antioxidant
and inflammation damper, which science has
shown to provide protection against many
cancers and ailments.

Reverse your aging process.

Being amongst the most important anti-aging
supplements ever discovered Resveratrol has
been proven by experts to slow the ageing
process if you start taking in small quantities in
your middle age.

Anticancer properties.

Resveratrol exhibits profound anti-cancer
properties and has been specifically proposed
for treatment of all forms of cancer including
myeloma, breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic
and lung cancer.

Lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Heart-healthy advantages stem from the fact that it
limits the effects of cardiac fibrosis, a
h hardening of the heart tissue in addition to
Resveratrol's ability to help
prevent blood clots and also possibly reducing

Anti-cholesterol properties.

To that point, Red wine has had some researchers agreeing on some levels that
there was an ingredient in red wine that
offered protective properties, but up until
the time of "The French Paradox" study
the real benefits

Normalize blood pressure and blood sugar.

Resveratrol is known to normalize both
insulin and blood pressure levels which
will reverse many diseases connected
to this problem.

Metabolic Support.

It plays a crucial role in neuronal energy
metabolism at both the organism level and
the cellular level; it boosts your immunity
to illness and makes you feel protected from

Being currently one of the biggest scientific health breakthroughs resveratrol rapidly
became a topic of numerous animal and human studies into its effects. Modern
researches show incredible results among cancer patients. After analyzing it was
proved that resveratrol prevents the diseases in more than 95% cases.

Resveratrol is all over the news these days. Stories of the amazing benefits of resveratrol can still take the unwary by surprise. Resveratrol has cancer fighting properties, resveratrol in red wine is thought to be responsible for the French paradox, it's anti-aging benefits are so powerful that some have dubbed resveratrol the "Fountain of Youth". Resveratrol is an anti-i nflammatory, increases energy levels, lowers blood sugar and extends life. These are not outrageous claims -- they are clinically studied and tested benefits of resveratrol. That's why resveratrol is such an exciting compound, and why you keep hearing so much about it.

Once, red wine was considered the best source of resveratrol benefits. Fortunately, today it is easy for anyone to take what some call the red wine pill to gain all the benefits of hundreds, or even thousands, of bottles of red wine in each dose.


Resveratrol is actually a product from plant generated when bacteria or fungi pile into various plants. Human beings, animals both are benefited from Resveratrol. It helps to make human and animal life longer. So Resveratrol is recommended as an important ingredient in the diet plan because it can extend your existence. Lot of calories is burnt and thus weight loss is achieved.

The risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease is minimized to a great extent. Resveratrol can be a great energy booster and increases the level of patience and stamina. For this reason Resveratrol is a very important component for athletes.

Numerous studies have been conducted regarding various purported resveratrol benefits. Studies have primarily been conducted on laboratory animals, and while human search is very promising, is still in its earliest stages. In several medical arenas it is agreed that resveratrol provides many key health benefits for the people who include proper quantities of it in their diets.
The buzz about resveratrol benefits reached a fever pitch when the antioxidant was featured on the well respected news show 60 Minutes. Correspondent Morley Schafer spoke with doctors and researchers regarding the various purported health benefits of resveratrol, bringing it to the attention of millions of television viewers around the world. Those who may have been reluctant to believe the hype surrounding this product were generally very impressed that a major show like 60 Minutes would feature it so prominently. (When was the last time you heard of so many amazing, scientifically-proven benefits with no side effects?)


Round the world numerous people suffer from various kinds of diseases. Most of us don't have the idea how to prevent entrance of such troubles in our lives. Resveratrol is a medical herb that can stop many diseases disturbing our normal lifestyle.  You can take some prescribed Resveratrol inclusive supplements because these pills also have enough vitamins and minerals. Before you purchase any supplement you must see that it has a coating of enteric.
Unless the coating is there the positive effects cannot be felt. If you want to reduce your weight then take the pills that have the elements of Resveratrol, green tea, bilberry, alfalfa, grape seed etc. Resveratrol is quite effective in reducing weight. In general the pills or supplements enriched with Resveratrol are quite natural and free from any kind of possible side effects or harmfulness. The pills help in lowering the blood sugar level and heart disease. Regular consumption will help to keep your body fit and augment the energy intensity.

John Meyer

21 july 2010y at 9:11

Unbelievable! I’ve been taking the “red wine pills” for two months and feel much better. Fantastic result. My thanks to doctors who created this supplement. Good job!

Carolyn Amsley

16 july 2010y at 9:11

Great information! Very helpful. I’ll try

Fred Shaiken

15 july 2010y at 9:11

I’ve started to Resveratrol 365 a couple of seeks ago and already have an effect – I feel younger, stronger. In my opinion that’s perfect way to keep youth longer.

Harley Clark

11 july 2010y at 9:11

Hey guys, I’ve bought these pills recently. Can’t say anything about the effect yet but the delivery works perfectly. I got the bottle in a week. That’s the service we want!

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