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L-Arginine HCL

This acid is known to do lots of good to your
blood vessels. It helps them relax and
improves the blood flow. This effect results
in fuller, harder erections, increased penis size.

Horny Goat Weed

Coming down from the peaks of far away mountains, this ancient plant will dramatically increase your libido and get your erectile function back on track with a horny revenge.

Ginkgo Biloba

An ancient exotic plant and a highly powerful antioxidant, Ginkgo Biloba neutralizes free radicals in your body bringing about a rejuvenating effect, and improves blood flow.

Eleutherococcus Senticosus

This relative of the ginseng increases your vitality, strengthens your body’s protective system and helps with your stamina, all resulting in more energy.

Tribulus Terrestris

This plant has been known for centuries as a sex drive booster which works by increasing the level of relevant hormones. It was known as a mighty aphrodisiac in ancient India.


Feel a mood and energy lift almost instantly with this powerful plant working to improve your general health, mood, fertility, sexual function and other factors.

XTEND RX was clinically tested in our laboratory before
the company started the actual sales. I personally studied
the effects of XTEND RX with my team. I am pleased to
announce that the product was found to be safe for men
of all ages. It contains natural ingredients only in safe,
well-measured proportions. The samples we tested brought
about no side effects in humans. In 8 of 10 men, we found
noticeable and documented reproduction system

Dr. Gordon Nelson

Dr. Nelson is a leading
male health expert at
Kentucky Medical
University. He conducts
extensive research of
today’s male health
products and publishes
safety and efficiency
reports which have
already acquired global
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We all know about so-called male enhancement products which are nothing but a waste of money. XTEND RX is all over the news right now with its proven efficiency and all-safe natural formula.

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discovered XTEND RX earlier. I wouldn’t have
wasted so much cash on crappy products then!
I’m gaining inches now and loving it.”

My Penis Is Currently Inches In Erected
Length, If I Take The Product For
Months My New Size Will Be: 7.19 Inches

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